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Wall Art - 3D, Hamsa or "Hand of Miriam", multi-layer 3mm wood

Wall Art - 3D, Hamsa or "Hand of Miriam", multi-layer 3mm wood

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This item is a beautiful wall hanging that features the Hand of Miriam, a symbol of protection and good luck in Jewish culture. The Hand of Miriam is also known as the Hamsa Hand, which means "five" in Hebrew and Arabic, and represents the five fingers of the hand, the five books of the Torah, and the five senses. ¹²³⁴

The wall hanging is made of 3mm layered wood, which gives it a natural and rustic look. The wood is laser-cut with intricate details, such as an eye in the palm of the hand, a Star of David, and floral patterns. The eye is believed to ward off the evil eye, a curse that can cause misfortune or injury. The Star of David is a symbol of Judaism and the Jewish people. The floral patterns add beauty and elegance to the design.

The wall hanging measures 10 inches by 9 inches and comes with a hook for easy hanging. It is a perfect gift for anyone who appreciates Jewish art and culture, or who wants to bring some positive energy and blessings into their home. The Hand of Miriam wall hanging is a unique and meaningful piece that will enhance any space with its charm and grace.


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